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Sinology by Andy Rothman: A Truce Over Steak and Malbec
Our December Sinology explores the change in the tone and direction of the bilateral conversation between the U.S. and China, favoring engagement over confrontation. Can this provide a short-term boost to business confidence?
Sinology by Andy Rothman: The Great China Disconnect
Our October Sinology explores the disconnect between weak market performance in China, and strong macro conditions and corporate earnings. How likely is this to narrow?
Sinology by Andy Rothman: Dear Larry Kudlow,
Our September Sinology addresses Trump adviser Larry Kudlow, offering key reasons to avoid a trade war with China.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: Is China Tanking?
Chinese equities have been soft and President Trump is threatening a trade war, but earnings and margins remain firm and China is still the world's best consumer story.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: Battlefield Choices
With trade war rhetoric growing hotter, Presidents Trump and Xi still have time to head to the negotiating table.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: The Other China Story
Markets are weighing the prospects of a U.S.–China trade war, but don’t forget an equally important investment factor: in the first quarter of 2018, China remained the world’s best consumer story.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: Dear President Trump,
Dear President Trump: Reconsider Taxes on Chinese Imports
Tariffs on steel and aluminum proposed by President Trump are based on these false premises. The result may be policies that will weaken both the U.S. economy and its foreign policy leadership. A trade war with Canada and the E.U. may be more likely than one with China.
China’s decision to end presidential term limits is potentially damaging to prospects for establishing the rule of law. But it’s unlikely to have a significant impact on the near-term investment environment.
Sinology by Andy Rothman: The China Mistake
Trump’s administration says the U.S. erred in supporting China’s entry into the WTO. Here’s what Matthews Asia thinks.
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