About Matthews Asia

A focus on Asia—and providing compelling investment solutions for our clients—is what we believe distinguishes us among investment managers. Our insights into investment opportunities and risks are backed by proprietary research, a collaborative culture and 30 years of experience.

Asia Specialist

We draw on our deep expertise in Asia that encompasses its markets, companies and securities as well as the region’s growing connection to the broader emerging markets.

Active Management

We conduct in-depth, on-the ground fundamental research to identify the most compelling opportunities with portfolios that typically differ substantially from benchmarks, with high active share.

Long-term Track Record

Our unwavering focus, discipline and track record throughout market cycles have been proven in a variety of market environments for 30 years.

Privately Owned Firm

Matthews Asia is a privately owned firm with significant employee ownership which we believe best aligns our interests with those of our clients.

Collaboration and Accountability

Our open work environment reflects our collaboration and teamwork , encouraging openness and diversity of opinion that shape optimal decision-making. A culture of shared responsibility helps mitigate individual biases.

A Resource for Investors

Our shareholders have continuous access to our investment team’s insights, research articles, publications and webcasts.

Focus and Specialization

Matthews Asia was founded 30 years ago on the conviction that Asia’s growth would outpace the rest of the world and would one day be the primary driver of the global economy. Today, that vision has largely been borne out with the region’s GDP growth outpacing the rest of the world. Our specialized focus on Asia has enabled us to develop deep insights into its markets, companies and securities. Rigorous proprietary research enables us to understand both the risks and potential rewards and build portfolios that aims to meet our high standards of investment excellence for our clients. As Asia’s influence and links to the broader global economy have grown, our research capabilities have also expanded to include emerging markets—an asset class that Asia now dominates.

Investment Team
30-Year Plus Track Record

For three decades, we’ve adhered to an investment philosophy that has been tested through a number of volatile episodes, from the Asian Financial Crisis in the late 1990s and the SARS crisis to several geopolitical scares, the bursting of China’s equity bubble and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. These challenges have strengthened our resolve and ability to deliver compelling returns. With our long experience in navigating this changing landscape, we believe that investors who can remain invested through the inevitable difficult markets are likely to benefit from Asia’s growth over the long term. With $8.0 billion under management (as of 31 May, 2024), Matthews Asia offers multiple ways to access growth opportunities in Asia and broader emerging markets.

Matthews History
Diverse, Experienced Team

Across the firm, all employees share important qualities and principles that drive how we serve our clients with a culture valuing openness, accountability, collaboration and humility. We embrace our diversity of background, expertise and perspectives. These differences are akin to the diversity of markets in which we invest; we believe they help mitigate potential biases and are essential for informed decision-making. Together, these elements foster comprehensive and varied approaches to problem-solving.

Management Team
Global Citizenship

At Matthews Asia, our commitment to active, long-term investment extends to the communities around the globe in which we live and work. Through our corporate responsibility and philanthropic efforts, we strive to help our local communities reach their full potential. A signatory to the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) since 2016, our firm has committed to incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations within the very fabric of our investment process.

Corporate Social Responsibility