Matthews China Small Companies Fund

Matthews Asia Funds
Portfolio Holdings: 30 September 2018

Security Sector Shares Value
Silergy Corp. Information Technology 407,000 7,331,412
Sunny Friend Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Industrials 686,000 5,005,622
TK Group Holdings, Ltd. Industrials 4,964,000 3,129,885
Joy City Property, Ltd. Real Estate 25,136,000 3,048,175
China Youzan, Ltd. Information Technology 32,044,000 2,863,755
China Aviation Oil Singapore Corp., Ltd. Energy 2,531,100 2,827,485
Shanghai Haohai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. H Shares Health Care 396,400 2,707,609
China BlueChemical, Ltd. H Shares Materials 6,590,000 2,662,828
SUNeVision Holdings, Ltd. Information Technology 3,763,000 2,534,290
Honma Golf, Ltd. Consumer Discretionary 2,613,500 2,471,490
SITC International Holdings Co., Ltd. Industrials 2,978,000 2,405,173
Greentown Service Group Co., Ltd. Industrials 2,910,000 2,334,353
Asia Cement China Holdings Corp. Materials 2,203,000 2,271,918
China Yuhua Education Corp., Ltd. Consumer Discretionary 4,468,000 2,158,289
China Overseas Property Holdings, Ltd. Real Estate 7,235,000 2,078,199
Yihai International Holding, Ltd. Consumer Staples 870,000 1,978,991
Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd. Information Technology 1,764,000 1,917,754
Hua Hong Semiconductor, Ltd. Information Technology 869,000 1,869,255
Merry Electronics Co., Ltd. Information Technology 406,000 1,835,873
Jonjee Hi-Tech Industrial And Commercial Holding Co., Ltd. A Shares Consumer Staples 371,400 1,760,830
SG Micro Corp. A Shares Information Technology 119,290 1,642,852
Baozun, Inc. ADR Information Technology 33,400 1,586,034
Sinopec Kantons Holdings, Ltd. Energy 3,484,000 1,552,502
Precision Tsugami China Corp., Ltd. Industrials 1,762,000 1,537,949
China Maple Leaf Educational Systems, Ltd. Consumer Discretionary 2,704,000 1,416,260
China Meidong Auto Holdings, Ltd. Consumer Discretionary 2,726,000 1,278,487
Microport Scientific Corp. Health Care 938,000 1,239,829
BeiGene, Ltd. ADR Health Care 6,900 1,189,243
BBI Life Sciences Corp. Health Care 3,179,000 1,144,037
CPMC Holdings, Ltd. Materials 2,865,000 1,082,245
Amoy Diagnostics Co., Ltd. A Shares Health Care 122,656 1,046,540
Times China Holdings, Ltd. Real Estate 942,000 1,005,257
Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. B Shares Consumer Discretionary 773,221 952,550
Chow Sang Sang Holdings International, Ltd. Consumer Discretionary 481,000 945,379
Future Bright Holdings, Ltd. Consumer Discretionary 8,154,000 927,396
Yuzhou Properties Co., Ltd. Real Estate 2,190,000 888,773
NBTM New Materials Group Co., Ltd. A Shares Consumer Discretionary 741,001 859,962
Wise Talent Information Technology Co., Ltd. Information Technology 288,200 852,608
Haidilao InternationalĀ Holding, Ltd. Consumer Discretionary 374,000 850,739
Dah Sing Banking Group, Ltd. Financials 412,400 829,435
MMG, Ltd. Materials 1,560,000 806,343
A-Living Services Co., Ltd. H Shares Industrials 510,500 791,538
Vatti Corp., Ltd. A Shares Consumer Discretionary 401,762 608,243
Xin Point Holdings, Ltd. Consumer Discretionary 1,360,000 529,573
C-MER Eye Care Holdings, Ltd. Health Care 828,000 457,578
BeiGene, Ltd. Health Care 32,873 439,836
Shanghai Putailai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. A Shares Materials 47,412 333,282
Jonjee Hi-Tech Industrial And Commercial Holding Co., Ltd. A Shares Consumer Staples 21,000 99,497
Vatti Corp., Ltd. A Shares Consumer Discretionary 63,120 95,497
Net Cash 2,373,463 2,373,463

The portfolio data is for information only. It does not constitute a recommendation or an offer for a particular security or fund, nor should it be taken as a solicitation or a recommendation to buy or sell securities or other investments.

Portfolio holdings are subject to change without notice and may not represent current or future portfolio composition.

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