Matthews Asia Small Companies Fund

Matthews Asia Funds
Portfolio Holdings: 31 March 2018

Security Country Sector Shares Value
Times Property Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Real Estate 218,000 333,611
Incross Co., Ltd. South Korea Consumer Discretionary 10,096 311,383
Silergy Corp. China/Hong Kong Information Technology 13,000 294,040
Vitasoy International Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Consumer Staples 114,000 293,522
Value Added Technology Co., Ltd. South Korea Health Care 7,778 292,732
Shanghai Haohai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. H Shares China/Hong Kong Health Care 46,200 289,039
GRUH Finance, Ltd. India Financials 30,465 268,699
Valuetronics Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Information Technology 322,500 265,815
DuzonBizon Co., Ltd. South Korea Information Technology 4,596 255,248
China Aviation Oil Singapore Corp., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Energy 210,100 251,602
CLIO Cosmetics Co., Ltd. South Korea Consumer Staples 7,616 244,364
Precision Tsugami China Corp., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Industrials 163,000 243,679
ITEQ Corp. Taiwan Information Technology 102,000 241,767
Lifetech Scientific Corp. China/Hong Kong Health Care 828,000 240,707
Bursa Malaysia BHD Malaysia Financials 84,200 238,581
Cosmecca Korea Co., Ltd. South Korea Consumer Staples 4,202 238,109
Global PMX Co., Ltd. Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 37,000 237,676
Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Information Technology 232,000 233,751
China BlueChemical, Ltd. H Shares China/Hong Kong Materials 832,000 233,227
China Meidong Auto Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 574,000 231,848
Sunny Friend Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan Industrials 30,000 231,758
BBI Life Sciences Corp. China/Hong Kong Health Care 534,000 227,939
CKD Corp. Japan Industrials 10,500 225,332
PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Indonesia Financials 925,400 225,175
Merck, Ltd. India Health Care 9,510 219,153
LEENO Industrial, Inc. South Korea Information Technology 3,780 211,982
Chilisin Electronics Corp. Taiwan Information Technology 59,000 211,179
Gabriel India, Ltd. India Consumer Discretionary 99,504 209,011
SITC International Holdings Co., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Industrials 209,000 207,718
Plan B Media Public Co., Ltd. F Shares Thailand Consumer Discretionary 1,104,500 206,434
Genscript Biotech Corp. China/Hong Kong Health Care 64,000 205,008
PT Ultrajaya Milk Industry & Trading Co. Indonesia Consumer Staples 1,747,700 201,841
Guotai Junan International Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Financials 674,000 194,352
Honma Golf, Ltd. Japan Consumer Discretionary 180,500 193,192
Tong Hsing Electronic Industries, Ltd. Taiwan Information Technology 44,000 188,978
Shriram City Union Finance, Ltd. India Financials 5,719 186,906
Advanced Ceramic X Corp. Taiwan Information Technology 20,000 186,081
Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Ltd. H Shares China/Hong Kong Industrials 333,000 184,996
AIA Engineering, Ltd. India Industrials 8,265 182,657
PT BFI Finance Indonesia Indonesia Financials 3,128,700 181,802
Yuzhou Properties Co., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Real Estate 264,000 180,138
Page Industries, Ltd. India Consumer Discretionary 508 176,686
Taimide Tech, Inc. Taiwan Materials 67,000 176,268
Philippine Seven Corp. Philippines Consumer Staples 73,955 175,754
Sinopec Kantons Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Energy 356,000 175,547
Sinbon Electronics Co., Ltd. Taiwan Information Technology 65,797 173,742
Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Co., Ltd. India Financials 7,780 173,018
Great Tree Pharmacy Co., Ltd. Taiwan Consumer Staples 60,300 172,795
KS Terminals, Inc. Taiwan Industrials 94,000 172,113
D&O Green Technologies BHD Malaysia Information Technology 1,096,300 171,579
A-Living Services Co., Ltd. H Shares China/Hong Kong Industrials 117,000 170,249
TOA Paint Thailand Public Co., Ltd. Thailand Materials 137,300 169,045
Aslan Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. Singapore Health Care 95,000 167,798
Rich Sport Public Co., Ltd. Thailand Consumer Discretionary 785,000 164,431
Taiwan Paiho, Ltd. Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 58,000 161,607
Athenex, Inc. United States Health Care 9,200 161,163
Kinik Co. Taiwan Industrials 61,000 158,080
Tri Chemical Laboratories, Inc. Japan Information Technology 3,500 157,906
KGI Securities Thailand Public Co., Ltd. Thailand Financials 1,039,400 157,487
Truly International Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Information Technology 620,000 157,383
GDS Holdings, Ltd. ADR China/Hong Kong Information Technology 6,000 155,820
Cafe24 Corp. South Korea Information Technology 1,388 154,569
Delfi, Ltd. Singapore Consumer Staples 135,100 151,565
PT Puradelta Lestari Indonesia Real Estate 12,043,100 150,457
Enzychem Lifesciences Corp. South Korea Health Care 1,674 150,297
AK Medical Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Health Care 296,000 149,181
OZ Minerals, Ltd. Australia Materials 21,117 146,382
Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corp. Vietnam Financials 42,030 145,385
AP Thailand Public Co., Ltd. Thailand Real Estate 575,500 145,300
Knowles Corp. United States Information Technology 11,400 141,806
Syngene International, Ltd. India Health Care 15,454 141,504
LA Opala RG, Ltd. India Consumer Discretionary 26,565 116,815
PT Arwana Citramulia Indonesia Industrials 4,743,200 110,247
PT Astra Otoparts Indonesia Consumer Discretionary 877,100 100,977
Karex BHD Malaysia Consumer Staples 455,825 96,112
Wonik Materials Co., Ltd. South Korea Materials 1,716 91,189
Bilibili, Inc. ADR China/Hong Kong Information Technology 7,700 86,548
Net Cash United States 691,373 691,373

The portfolio data is for information only. It does not constitute a recommendation or an offer for a particular security or fund, nor should it be taken as a solicitation or a recommendation to buy or sell securities or other investments.

Portfolio holdings are subject to change without notice and may not represent current or future portfolio composition.

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