Matthews Asia Small Companies Fund

Matthews Asia Funds
Portfolio Holdings: 30 September 2018

Security Country Sector Shares Value
Vitasoy International Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Consumer Staples 112,000 382,006
SUNeVision Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Information Technology 537,000 361,657
Silergy Corp. China/Hong Kong Information Technology 19,000 342,253
Sunny Friend Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan Industrials 45,000 328,357
Shanghai Haohai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. H Shares China/Hong Kong Health Care 46,300 316,252
China Aviation Oil Singapore Corp., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Energy 239,500 267,545
BBI Life Sciences Corp. China/Hong Kong Health Care 726,000 261,268
D&O Green Technologies BHD Malaysia Information Technology 1,188,800 259,643
PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional Indonesia Financials 1,027,400 257,697
Merck, Ltd. India Health Care 6,979 249,555
Chief Telecom, Inc. Taiwan Information Technology 41,000 247,077
AIA Engineering, Ltd. India Industrials 9,923 243,400
GRUH Finance, Ltd. India Financials 57,939 243,018
Plan B Media Public Co., Ltd. F Shares Thailand Consumer Discretionary 1,126,800 242,146
KS Terminals, Inc. Taiwan Industrials 148,000 228,309
Precision Tsugami China Corp., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Industrials 255,000 222,575
Value Added Technology Co., Ltd. South Korea Health Care 7,792 221,776
Sinopec Kantons Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Energy 486,000 216,566
Douzone Bizon Co., Ltd. South Korea Information Technology 3,882 213,829
Yihai International Holding, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Consumer Staples 94,000 213,822
Cosmecca Korea Co., Ltd. South Korea Consumer Staples 6,736 211,933
ITEQ Corp. Taiwan Information Technology 108,000 208,187
OZ Minerals, Ltd. Australia Materials 30,685 206,254
A-Living Services Co., Ltd. H Shares China/Hong Kong Industrials 130,250 201,955
Enzychem Lifesciences Corp. South Korea Health Care 1,851 199,012
Times China Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Real Estate 186,000 198,490
AP Thailand Public Co., Ltd. Thailand Real Estate 698,700 196,457
Incross Co., Ltd. South Korea Consumer Discretionary 9,619 192,076
Great Tree Pharmacy Co., Ltd. Taiwan Consumer Staples 80,015 191,304
Yeah1 Group Corp. Vietnam Consumer Discretionary 20,000 190,333
TOA Paint Thailand Public Co., Ltd. Thailand Materials 161,700 188,750
Gabriel India, Ltd. India Consumer Discretionary 111,507 184,512
Tongyang Pile, Inc. South Korea Materials 39,945 181,855
China Youzan, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Information Technology 1,960,000 175,164
Ho Chi Minh City Securities Corp. Vietnam Financials 59,100 174,811
Bursa Malaysia BHD Malaysia Financials 92,300 174,408
Page Industries, Ltd. India Consumer Discretionary 383 173,748
Natco Pharma, Ltd. India Health Care 16,434 170,370
Kingdee International Software Group Co., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Information Technology 154,000 167,423
Bilibili, Inc. ADR China/Hong Kong Information Technology 12,700 165,330
CLIO Cosmetics Co., Ltd. South Korea Consumer Staples 9,483 162,004
Taiwan Paiho, Ltd. Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 81,000 160,582
NIIT Technologies, Ltd. India Information Technology 10,580 160,123
Honma Golf, Ltd. Japan Consumer Discretionary 169,000 159,817
TK Group Holdings, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Industrials 252,000 158,890
Saigon Cargo Service Corp. Vietnam Industrials 24,200 157,789
Global PMX Co., Ltd. Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 57,000 156,764
PT BFI Finance Indonesia Indonesia Financials 3,796,500 156,685
CKD Corp. Japan Industrials 12,100 155,149
Hy-Lok Corp. South Korea Industrials 7,195 154,051
Yuzhou Properties Co., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Real Estate 377,000 152,999
Knowles Corp. United States Information Technology 9,300 151,702
SITC International Holdings Co., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Industrials 187,000 151,030
FPT Digital Retail JSC Vietnam Consumer Discretionary 45,960 149,933
China Yuhua Education Corp., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Consumer Discretionary 310,000 149,747
Rich Sport Public Co., Ltd. Thailand Consumer Discretionary 1,145,400 149,462
Advanced Ceramic X Corp. Taiwan Information Technology 22,000 149,045
Philippine Seven Corp. Philippines Consumer Staples 78,175 147,293
Syngene International, Ltd. India Health Care 17,372 143,968
Cafe24 Corp. South Korea Information Technology 1,050 141,609
Huifu Payment, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Information Technology 241,600 140,479
BeiGene, Ltd. China/Hong Kong Health Care 10,382 138,910
Wise Talent Information Technology Co., Ltd. China/Hong Kong Information Technology 45,200 133,719
PT Arwana Citramulia Indonesia Industrials 5,372,900 129,844
Nam Long Investment Corp. Vietnam Real Estate 86,020 120,212
Delfi, Ltd. Singapore Consumer Staples 145,100 118,691
Genscript Biotech Corp. China/Hong Kong Health Care 62,000 104,684
Humanica Public Co., Ltd. Thailand Information Technology 277,800 100,503
Microport Scientific Corp. China/Hong Kong Health Care 71,000 93,846
Karex BHD Malaysia Consumer Staples 455,825 85,249
HIM International Music, Inc. Taiwan Consumer Discretionary 22,400 60,158
Net Cash United States 695,699 695,699

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