Matthews Asia Focus Fund

Risk Considerations

  • Investment involves risk. It is possible to lose the principal capital of your investment.
  • The Fund invests primarily in Asian countries and economies. Investment in such emerging markets may be subject to increased risks such as political, tax, economic, market, liquidity, custody and settlement, currency, legal and regulatory risks.
  • The Fund invests primarily in equity securities, which may result in increased volatility.
  • Focused funds may be subject to greater share price volatility as a larger portion of their assets may be invested in the securities of a single issuer compared to diversified funds.
  • The Fund does not hedge to attempt to offset certain market risks. This may expose the Fund to the risk of full losses resulting from a decline in a security's value.
  • Investors should not invest in the Fund solely based on the information in this website. Please read the Hong Kong Offering Document carefully for further details including risk factors before investing.

Inception Date

30 May 2014

Fund Assets

$1.01 million  (31/12/2018)


Overall Morningstar Rating MorningstarMorningstarMorningstar (31/12/2018)

Base Currency



LU1061980717 (USD)

Bloomberg Symbol



MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Index

Geographic Focus

Asia Ex Japan
Consists of all countries and markets in Asia, excluding Japan but including all developed, emerging and frontier countries and markets in Asia.

Investment Objective

Long-term capital appreciation.


Under normal market conditions, the Matthews Asia Focus Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing at least 65% of its total assets, which include borrowings for investment purposes, in the common and preferred stocks of companies located in Asia Ex Japan. The Fund seeks to invest in companies capable of sustainable growth based on fundamental characteristics. Companies in which the Fund invests typically possess, in the portfolio managers’ judgment, such attributes as a high quality management team, strong corporate governance standards, sustainable return on capital over an extended period, strong free cash flow generation and an attractive valuation in relation to growth prospects and intrinsic value. The Fund is currently expected to hold stocks of between 25 and 35 companies under normal market conditions.

Portfolio Managers

Lead Manager

Kenneth Lowe, CFA


S. Joyce Li, CFA

Fees & Expenses

Management Fee


Total Expense Ratio1
as of 30 September 2018

USD 1.25%

1 Total expense ratio for periods less than a full fiscal year has been annualized based on the Fund’s fiscal year-to-date unaudited expenses as of the most recently available quarter end.  The annualized total expense ratio may vary, sometimes significantly, quarter to quarter and from the actual fiscal year-end total expense ratio.  The Fund’s annual report for each financial year will include detail on the exact charges made.