Fund Prices and Performance

Matthews Asia Funds

all data as of 31/10/2020 except where otherwise noted
Fund Dividend Yield
Asia Growth and Income
Matthews Asia Dividend Fund 2.18%
Matthews Asia ex Japan Dividend Fund 1.94%
Matthews China Dividend Fund 2.79%
The Dividend Yield (trailing) is the weighted average sum of the dividends paid by each equity security held by the Fund over the last 12 months divided by the current price as of report date. The annualised dividend yield is for the equity-only portion of the Fund and does not reflect the actual yield an investor in the Fund would receive. There can be no guarantee that companies that the Fund invests in, and which have historically paid dividends, will continue to pay them or to pay them at the current rates in the future. A positive distribution yield does not imply positive return, and past yields are no guarantee of future yields.

Source: FactSet Research Systems, Bloomberg, Matthews