Discover That
Small Cap Spark

Asian and Emerging Market small caps have the potential to ignite alpha and drive enduring investment performance.

The engines of domestic growth, Asian and Emerging Market small caps are fueled by the powerful trends of innovation and sustainability.

Discover the most compelling opportunities across the vast,
untapped universe of Asian and Emerging Market small caps


Emerging Markets Specialists

Matthews is a pioneering active investment manager with a global footprint and a heritage focused on the emerging markets. We have a proven 30-year track record of generating excess returns for clients in what are complex and, at times, challenging markets that comes from a combination of deep investment expertise, strong risk acumen and extensive operational knowledge.


We conduct in-depth, on-the-ground fundamental research to identify the most compelling opportunities with portfolios that differ substantially from benchmarks.


Our investment team draws on a broad range of backgrounds and experiences to assess investment opportunities and construct resilient portfolio.


Our unwavering focus, discipline and track record throughout market cycles have been proven in a variety of market environments for 30 years.

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